Best Balding Clippers 2018

Balding clippers have the ability to trim with extreme precision, making them perfect for a close shave on your head. Buying a high-quality shaving clipper is particularly important in this very sensitive and visible area. Fortunately, a clean-shaven scalp doesn’t have to be complicated, and our head trimmer reviews will help you find the right product for your needs.

All of these options will work well with fine, thick and coarse hair without slowing down or being too load. And all of them, with the exception of the Andis Professional Outliner, come with different guard sizes so you can choose how short or long you want your haircut to be.

Here’s a look at the best clippers for bald heads!

Wahl 5-Star Balding Clipper

Wahl balding clippers may be the most popular products on the market. As one of the most highly-rated companies in the industry, known for their quality men’s grooming products, professional barbers rely on the brand’s trimmers for their consistent performance. And if this product can handle everyday use by professionals, it’s surely fit for the average gentleman wanting to cut their own hair at home.

It is for this reason we highly recommend the for your head shaving needs. With sharp Titanium blades, a powerful motor, and multiple attachments, it is an effective, easy to use, and undeniably superior trimmer. Simply put, if you plan to shave your head at home, Wahl is absolutely worth the investment.

For starters, this professional hair clipper tops the charts for quality, precision and simplicity. It comes with two blade settings, 1/16th and 3/16th, making it perfect for guys going bald or already rocking the hairless look. These blades are really sharp. In fact, they are professional German-milled Titanium cutting blades with a self-sharpening design, so you know they are built to last. Plus, this trimmer’s blades will deliver the closest shave possible by removing all visible hair in one go.

Paired with a commercial-grade motor, the clipper is powerful enough to glide through the thickest, coarsest hair effortlessly. The company emphasizes that this motor cuts twice the speed of pivot motors. It also helps that the steel base and rounded attachments were developed for a comfortable experience so you won’t irritate your skin, burn your scalp, or cut yourself easily.

Ultimately, this clipper is the entire package, and comes with all of the necessary attachments to provide the cleanest cut. With a convenient 8-foot cord, two attachment combs, cleaning brush, oil, blade guard, and instruction manual, the is literally second to none in the grooming world, and any professional barber can attest. You’ll never want to shave your head with another bald clipper once you use this beauty.

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  • PROFESSIONAL PRECISION: From Wahl Professional's...
  • STYLISH AND FUNCTIONAL: This corded clipper is a...
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: For your convenience, the...

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro

Not many companies have the grooming prowess that the brand Remington possesses. With a focus on high-quality and innovative products, Remington has created a bald clipper kit that goes above and beyond with severy shave. The uniquely-designed is a sleek, portable 13-piece kit that gives you a close, smooth cut effortlessly.

It’s deserves to be near the top of our list because, in addition to cutting your hair efficiently and quickly, it’s extra wide, cordless, and fits comfortably into your hand. These attributes make the Remington HC4250 the best cordless balding clipper for shaving your head.

To dive into the details, this lightweight cordless hair trimmer can fit in the palm of your hand, making it an ergonomic-friendly and cutting-edge product. Not only is it easy to work with, but the Remington has the fine-tuned precision to reach hair in more sensitive areas such as your ears and neckline. The wide design equals maximum coverage, meaning you’ll bald more area on your head with each swipe.

Furthermore, the curved blade contours to your head and therefore gets an insanely close cut every time. And the stainless steel blades cut through thick, coarse hair without nagging or pulling at the hair follicle for minimum skin irritation. The best part is that it’s 100% washable for easy cleaning; just rinse the clipper under the faucet and store for later use.

Finally, this hair trimmer comes with a lithium, rechargeable battery that runs for a total of 40 minutes without a cord, making it extremely efficient for guys that need a quick shave without being tied down. The complete package includes 9 different guard sizes, a cleaning brush, oil, travel pouch, and a charging adapter. For a quality trim at home, you’ll love how the keeps your head unbelievably smooth with every shave.

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  • Fits in the palm of your hand so you can easily...
  • Extra-wide Curved Blade - The blade contours to...
  • Lithium, Rechargeable Battery- 40 minutes of...

Andis Professional T-Outliner Trimmer

It can be hard for a product to stand out in the grooming market, but that’s where Andis balding clippers come in. Andis is another very well-regarded brand in the industry, and the is an extremely versatile grooming tool.

Use it to give your head a close shave, trim your beard, touch up your neckline, fix your hairline, or skin fade your sides. Made with a surgical sharp, close-cutting blade, the Andis trimmer is simply an all-around machine perfect for shaving, trimming and fading any hair.

To start with, the T-Blade makes all the difference because it allows you to add some serious detail to every shave. This patented design allows you to maneuver the trimmer with ease while preventing nicks and cuts. These carbon-steel blades are long-lasting and durable, with the ability to complete a dry or wet shave. And with fine teeth that trim hair close to the scalp, you’ll get a smooth, seamless cut with every use.

Finally, complete with an 8-foot cord and quiet yet powerful magnetic battery, the is in a class of its own. Although a little heavier than other models, this balding clipper is the perfect option for professional barbers and DIY groomers. If you want a world-class tool professionals trust, get the Andis T-Outliner.

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  • Perfect for all-around outlining and fading
  • Equipped with extremely close-cutting blade for...
  • Contoured housing with high-speed motor

Wahl Lithium Ion Clippers – Cordless & Rechargeable

Wahl is a brand that ceases to amaze and provides tools that focus on haircutting excellence. The is a product that takes efficiency and power to the next level. The lithium battery keeps going for over 2 hours, a revolutionary run-time in the men’s grooming market. But the premium features of this machine aren’t just limited to an exceptional battery charge and its 10-minute quick charge option.

For one, you will get a ton of use out of this versatile tool because Wahl designed it to be able to shave your head, sideburns, beard, mustache, and neck. While the primary clipper is an all-in-one for any guy who wants his grooming experience to be seamless and quick, the detail trimmer can put the finishing touches anywhere.

To ensure longevity, the company fitted these units with self-sharpening precision blades that stay razor-sharp for longer. Paired with a heavy-duty motor that offers 50% more power versus other models, guys can cut through all hair types with ease. And remember, all this happens on a cordless, rechargeable clipper that can run for up to 2 hours, making it one of the best balding products for men!

This kit comes complete with 14 guide combs, a detail trimmer, barber and styling combs, and cleaning brush. Lightweight and fully-charged in record time, the is for men who want a premium-quality product as well as the mobility and versatility required for a good, clean shave.

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Wahl Clipper Elite Pro

Marketed as having the most powerful and durable motor the company builds, the is certainly a professional balding clipper with superior performance. Coupled with strong, self-sharpening blades and guards made of premium materials, guys will have no issues getting a bald head.

A few of the key features of this product include precision blades that cut hair 40 percent faster, a corded motor with 15 percent more power than their other commercial-grade clippers, and sturdy guards that won’t bend to throw off your haircut. With specs like this, you can expect to smoothly and quickly trim all kinds of hair without friction or irritation.

For a lifetime of head shaving, this easy-to-use yet sturdy balding tool was built to plow through curly or thick hair.  But you don’t have to stop at the hair on your scalp; men can use this Wahl clipper for all their needs, making it a versatile grooming machine.

The bottom line is that the  highlights the brand’s focus on providing the highest-quality units!

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  • Wahl Clipper is the #1 brand of beard trimmers and...
  • Wahl's Most Powerful and Durable Motor - For a...
  • Our Finest Self-Sharpening precision blades -Stays...

Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit

If you’re looking for a well-made but cheap hair trimmer, then another Wahl product may just be the right fit. The makes deciding on the length of your haircut simple with a set of color-coded guards. Of course, if you’re still set on a bald head, then this model’s self-sharpening, high carbon steel blades will efficiently cut through all hair types without snags or pulls. If you just need a balding clipper to shave your head at home but don’t care if it’s professional-grade, the Wahl Color Pro delivers time after time.

The sharp steel blades are combined with Wahl’s signature heavy-duty motor for exceptional cutting power. Even without the smallest guard size, the taper lever offers additional control over length. Take advantage of this adjustable setting to effectively cut as close to the scalp as possible without any skin irritation. Furthermore, this head clipper is easy to grip and comfortable to hold for long periods of time, allowing you to take your time and trim around even the most sensitive areas.

The Wahl Color Pro also comes in a that offers maximum mobility and convenience to make trimming the hair on your head an even more seamless process. With a run-time of 60 minutes, this long-lasting, high-performance cordless balding clipper changes the grooming game with just the swap of a colored comb.

Both of these clippers are exceptional tools and very highly-rated by users, so picking one or the other is just a matter of personal preference.

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  • Color coded guide combs make it easy to remember...
  • Color coded keys make it easy to correspond the...
  • Self-Sharpening, high-carbon steel blades are...

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3000

Philips Norelco is a brand that needs no introduction. Known for their electric shavers, hair clippers, beard trimmers, and body groomers, it’s no surprise that they have a quality product that makes our list. Although not exactly built for shaving heads, the is a powerful, all-in-one trimmer that can buzz hair on any part of your body. If you need a clean-shaven bald head, pick one of the models above; but if a versatile groomer that cuts down to very short stubble is good enough, this unit is a solid choice for the money.

The Multigroom 3000 comes with 13 attachments, so you are well-equipped for any trimming job. Complete with a full-size steel trimmer, nose and ear trimmer, 3 hair trimming guards, 3 beard trimming guards, a stubble guard, and travel bag, this clipper is literally the total package.

The company’s DualCut technology provides twice the amount of self-sharpening blades, giving you a close cut the first time you run the trimmer through your hair. These steel blades don’t dull or rust, and achieve a smooth trim even after years of use. Plus, you don’t ever need to apply oil to maintain the quality of the blades or trimmer. Just rinse under water and the head is clean.

Moreover, guys will love this trimmer’s rechargeable Lithium-ion battery – it delivers 60 minutes of run time on each charge. And with the battery’s quick charge feature, you’ll be able to run the machine after just a few minutes of charging.

If you want a versatile balding clipper that can also be used on your beard and body, the is the reliable workhorse you want.

3,336 Reviews
  • 13 attachments for all of your grooming needs:...
  • Maximum precision with DualCut technology, which...
  • Best selling trimmer from the #1 trimmer brand*

How To Shave Your Head With Clippers

Our balding clipper reviews will help you find and buy the right tool, but using your trimmer properly will ensure you get the closest shave possible. While having someone cut your hair for you is ideal, not all men have that option.

How To Shave Your Head With Clippers

If you plan to do it yourself, here’s how to shave your head with clippers at home.

Taking the plunge and going bald can be a frightening yet exciting experience, and all it takes is the proper grooming tools to make it work.

Buying A Good Head Shaver

A full head of hair is the star of any shampoo and conditioner commercial, but having thick, luscious hair isn’t every man’s reality. Thinning hair can be a huge blow to any guy’s ego, but it doesn’t have to hinder your overall style and confidence. In fact, a number of women even love guys with bald heads – they just don’t like men experiencing hair loss trying to hopelessly cover up their receding hairlines or bald spots with bad hairstyles.

Ultimately, getting your hands on one of these highly-rated balding clippers can be the best grooming decision you make. And remember, all of these hair cutting tools come with different guard sizes, meaning you don’t have to shave your head clean and can always get a buzz or crew cut to change things up.

New Hairstyles

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