How To Get A Quiff

Given the versatile nature of the hairstyle, a quiff can work well with short or long hair. And fortunately, whether you want a long or short quiff, the process to getting the cut is mostly the same.

If you ask your barber for a quiff haircut, he’ll know exactly how to cut your hair. The only things you need to decide are how short you want the sides and hair on top. For example, modern quiffs allow for undercuts, fades, and classic tapers on the sides. We highly recommend a high skin fade or undercut for a high-contrast look, but longer hair also looks good.

Your next decision dictates how much hair you’ll have to work with on top. This length of hair will determine whether you have a short or long quiff to style and the types of hairstyles you’ll be able to have.

Short Quiff

How To Style A Quiff

Styling a quiff comes down to getting volume with texture. Styling a quiff with short hair is easy, but you likely won’t get the same volume as you would with longer hair. Nevertheless, a short quiff is a trendy yet low-maintenance version of the hairstyle you’ll love.

To style a quiff, start by applying pomade, wax, or clay. Be sure to rub the hair product evenly by running your fingers through your hair from front to back. The ultimate goal is to brush your hair back and up for a natural, textured look.

How To Style A Quiff

Textured Quiff

By using pomade with a medium shine or matte finish and applying it while your hair is dry, guys can create a textured quiff.

Textured Quiff

Messy Quiff

The messy quiff requires essentially the same styling as the textured quiff hairstyle, but without the neatness created by a comb or brush. For the most natural messy quiff, run your hands through your hair in different directions.

Messy Quiff

Side Part Quiff

The comb over and side part quiff is a variation of the classic parted hairstyle. Simply put, instead of combing your hair to the side flat, allow yourself volume and height.

Side Part Quiff

Best Modern Quiffs

Here are some examples of the best modern quiffs in 2018!

Big Hair Quiff

This is a big hair quiff with short sides and a beard.

Low Skin Fade with Line Up and Messy Quiff

The picture above illustrates a low skin fade with a line up and messy, textured quiff. The beard is also a nice touch for an edgy haircut.

High Bald Fade with Modern Quiff and Beard

This may be one of the coolest modern quiffs we’ve seen. With a high bald fade on the sides, beard, and awesome textured quiff on top, this haircut and style is what you should ask your stylist for at the barbershop.

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