Mutton Chops Beard and Sideburns Styles

While a mutton chop beard is unique, the look can be versatile. Because the only requirement for the style is that a guy’s sideburns are left to grow long and full, men have the option of cutting the sides thick or thin, with or without a mustache, a shaved off goatee or not, etc.

Mutton Chops - Wolverine Beard

For instance, a thin strap is called a “friendly mutton chops” due to it’s sleek, sophisticated look. Similarly, some men couple their mutton chops with a mustache for a more traditional look, while others opt for a more imposing version like Wolverine’s sideburns.

Finally, there’s the purest kind of chops – mutton chops with no goatee. This style is ideal for those bothered by facial hair around their mouths.

Mutton Chops

Popular Mutton Chop Sideburns

If you think this cool beard may be right for you, then check out the modern mutton chop sideburns below. From short and long sideburns to famous styles to ones with or without a mustache or goatee, we’ve compiled the best mutton chops worth shaving!

Thin Lamb Chops Beard

Lamb Chops Beard - Types of Sideburns

Wolverine Sideburns

Wolverine Sideburns

Friendly Mutton Chops

Friendly Mutton Chops

Thick Sideburns

Thick Sideburns - Mutton Chops Beard

Beard Chops

Beard Chops

Modern Mutton Chops

Modern Mutton Chops - Thick Sideburn Styles

Thick Sideburns + Mustache

Thick Sideburn Styles + Mustache

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